Mattel awarded at the Toys Awards 2019

16 May - 2019

The category in which Mattel obtains the prize is Best Co-Marketing Initiative, in which Barbie Fiat 500 triumphs.

The initiative, aimed at enhancing the commitment of companies in the sector that distinguished themselves in the creation and implementation of marketing, communication and product activities carried out in the calendar year 2018, saw its conclusion in the awards ceremony held on Monday 6 the Workshop Room inside Toys Milan. The jury that decreed the winners for the various categories was composed of members of GD, GDO, GDS and NORMAL TRADE.
Mattel, one of the largest toy manufacturers in the world, enjoys great success during the Toys Awards 2019, captivating the jury of experts who established the winners with the Barbie Fiat 500 project.
After the success of 2009, for Barbie’s 50th birthday, last year we wanted to meet the two brands again, to prepare for the celebrations of her 60 years” explains Anna Laura Siracusa Associate Marketing Manager Girls, Boys and Games for Italy.The combination of the two brands was more than just a meeting, but we could define it as a real love at first sight born on the characteristic that most unites the two brands, or that of representing the maximum expression of style, design and of glamour.
Barbie Fiat 500 wins the Toys Award 2019 in the Best Co-Marketing Initiative category. The activity took place in September 2018 on the occasion of the Vogue For Milano Night. Surprisingly, some real Fiat 500s parked in highly frequented central Milan areas were “boxed up” to become to all effects the gigantic toy cars. A sort of absolutely unexpected “candid camera”. The video was aimed at launching a special Fiat promo: with the purchase of a Barbie Fiat 500, you had the chance to win a real one.
Barbie, through her multiple careers, different game segments and storytelling, constantly reminds girls that they can achieve their passions, taking the path towards a future that better identifies them. With this activity carried out together with Fiat, Mattel wanted to emphasize once again the mission of Barbie which consists in communicating the self-assertion of women in every segment, also through daily gestures of great independence, such as getting behind the wheel of a car that in every aspect it traces the personality of those who drive it” says Siracusa.
We are proud and delighted that the Toys Awards 2019 have recognized Mattel this important award to a product and a campaign that reiterates our company’s mission, that is, to follow the development of all children through play, imagination and creativity by entertaining even adults who , despite their age, they continue to love Mattel products and choose them for their children’s well-being” concludes Andrea Ziella Head of Marketing & Digital Mattel Italy.

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