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Chicco, Planeta Junior and Leolandia together for ‘Miraculous Ladybug’

7 May - 2019

A brand new “Miraculous Ladybug” Fashion Capsule collection is available at all CHICCO stores and on www.chicco.it until mid-May.

CHICCO, children’s clothing brand and retailer, and Planeta Junior Italia, one of the leading entertainment companies for children and teens, announced their partnership to develop an exclusive capsule collection.
The collection is inspired by the iconic Parisian superhero Miraculous – The Stories of Ladybug and Chatnoir. The capsule collection consists of 12 pieces designed for very young girls aged nine months to 8 years. Besides, all Chicco brand stores have a showcase dedicated to the property.
The new CHICCO clothing line for girls is inspired by the main character of the series in both versions: Ladybug and Marinette, made of cotton jersey. The prints, which recall the sweet Marinette, are proposed in shades of pink, while red and black embody the “girl-power” of Ladybug.
For each purchased piece, the customer will receive a Ladybug mask or its beautiful yoyo immediately. Also, spending at least € 35 on Miraculous products, you can get a free ticket to enter Leolandia, Italy’s most popular park in the TripAdvisor ranking, where the two Miraculous protagonists are: Ladybug and Chat Noir.
Furthermore, ad end of April they were planned in-store events, based on entertainment with children, colouring, photo opportunity and an exclusive and fun face painting. The participation was significant, reaching more than 300 children!

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