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#UNODINOI: the most irreverent card game goes on social media

2 May - 2019

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There is no age, region, nationality, or interest to take: since the year of its birth, UNO is the card game most loved by everyone.

Despite the popularity of the brand, in the years UNO has been enriched with new fun versions: H20, with plastic-coated papers to unleash the +4 also on the beach; Dos, a real sequel where you don’t have to shout “One!”, But “Dos!” when you have two cards in your hand; Flip, the new game of 2019 in which you play with both sides of the cards, going from the classic side to the “dark side” to unleash the strength of the terrible +5!
Everyone knows how to play, but nobody knows what UNO has in store for his fans this year: #UNODINOI is the natural evolution of the game, the new brand campaign that enters everyone’s homes thanks to social media platforms engagement to the next level. The battle will be all-around and will live for three moments starting from the digital world and arriving offline with a super event: the #UNODINOI NATIONAL CUP, the first national UNO tournament, which will take place within the prestigious Milan Games Week 2019!
At this stage, UNO lands on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook with hilarious challenges among influencers with card strokes, which game lovers cannot only follow but on which they will have a say in the matter! And to be genuinely #UNODINOI the brand must involve anyone, that’s why music, gaming, kids, new mothers, sports, underground, LGBT, fashion are just some of the interests of the ten influencers involved in the campaign. Starting from March 2019 and until July, the influencers will have the task of engaging in a real UNO game open to the whole fanbase: the latter in fact will be able to follow the challenge live on the social channels of their heroes. During these meetings not only will the classic version of Uno be played, but also Dos, H20 and Flip!
The novelty is that the followers will no longer be the usual passive spectators, but will have a decisive role in the fate of the game. First, they will have the arduous task of choosing the penance to be imposed on the loser; then – during the match – they will suggest the cards to play to the influencer itself. There will be no twists! Thanks to the presence of unique papers that include extravagant penances, those who take part in live broadcasts and influencers’ social content will be able to discover how UNO can be diabolically funny. And finally, the followers will be further hired to see the post-game and the coveted realisation of the much-feared penance.
This phase of the campaign is the natural link between the social activation of influencers and the #UNODINOI NATIONAL CUP. In fact, from June to September the four videos of the hilarious influencers will be reposted on the official UNO Facebook page, and the fanbase will be stimulated by a contest to reproduce and share their very personal penances. The creators of the four most funny and original videos will be rewarded with a special gift box and a VIP pass for Milan Games Week 2019, which also guarantees direct access to the semi-final of the national tournament.
The best conclusion of the #UNODINOI campaign can only be a super national tournament, the #UNODINOI NATIONAL CUP, in which the first UNO Italian champion will be honoured with all honours! And there is no better occasion than Milan Games Week 2019, from 27 to 29 September at Fiera Milano Rho, to organize three days of very close knockout challenges in which only the most skilled, the most daring – and even the luckiest – can boast the title of undisputed champion of the most loved card brand of all, UNO!

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