Thomas and Friends and the UN: a partnership to discover the Goals for Sustainable Development

17 Apr - 2019

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Of the 17 objectives set by the United Nations, there are six on which Thomas and Friends has paid attention.

The adventures of Thomas and Friends have won the hearts of children: this year the blue locomotive wanted to bring the little ones to discover the world in the new animated series “A world of adventures”.
Thomas & Friends wants to do something more for the planet and take on an important message for future generations: it has created a partnership with the United Nations, to make aware to children and adults how it is possible to make the world a better place, or through the achievement of the Goals for Sustainable Development.
Goals for Sustainable Development
The 17 Objectives for Sustainable Development were agreed in 2015 by the 193 member states of the United Nations to address aspects of economic and social development, including poverty, health and education. The choice of these objectives expresses the desire of the UN member countries to commit themselves to guarantee the evolution and conservation of society and the world.
A website to discover the meaning of 6 goals together with the Thomas Train
The Thomas Train is, therefore, the spokesperson for an essential purpose, which concerns everyone, young and old. A website (https://www.allaboardforglobalgoals.com/it-it) was created to make this partnership better known: here it is possible to discover the meaning of these objectives and deepen them together with the coloured locomotive and its friends through some video content (available on Youtube from 1 April 2019).
Of the 17 Objectives indicated by the United Nations, there are 6 in fact on which Thomas & Friends has paid attention:
-4. Quality education: ensuring inclusive and equal quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all.
-5. Gender equality: Achieving gender equality and the emancipation of all women and girls.
-6. Plain water and hygiene: Ensure everyone has access to water and sanitation.
-11. Sustainable cities and communities: Making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, durable and sustainable.
-12. Consumption and responsible productions: Guaranteeing sustainable production and consumption patterns.
-15. Life on Earth: Sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, stop and reverse land degradation and stop biodiversity loss.
The site will allow the older ones to be able to introduce the little ones to the importance of the objectives that IlTrenino Thomas talks about in video content. On the site, there will be a Play and Learn section, where adults can find fun and helpful suggestions for making games to do at home or outdoors with smaller, so that they can understand, while having fun, the sense of the goals for sustainable development.
The Thomas Train carries the value of the Goals even in kindergartens
This partnership is also aimed at schools: Thomas&Friends enters kindergartens by involving the classes in a 360 ° edutainment project: the children of the participating classrooms will have the task, together with the teachers, to select one of the 6 Objectives on which they will carry out group work. This project, once uploaded on the dedicated portal (http://www.tuttiabordoperilnostromondo.it), will allow the classes to win educational materials and many fantastic game kits, which can be used within the school context. To guide this project will be Thomas & Friends itself, with its voice: children will be so ready to travel to discover the values guided by the blue locomotive # 1, no longer just a friend in their free time, but also a formative figure which will make work in the classroom work in an interactive and engaging class.

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