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PUMA in partnership with Barbie to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the iconic doll

11 Apr - 2019

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Here comes the Special Edition of the Nova x Barbie female model.

The Sport Company Puma and Barbie are back with a new exciting capsule collection to celebrate the legendary 60 years of the most famous fashion doll in the world. Bringing to light the passion for sport, fashion and style, the collaboration includes a special edition of the NOVA x BARBIE sneakers.
Barbie and her unmistakable pink style have dictated the rules of fashion since 1959. Today this 30 cm icon has discovered her more streetwear side by presenting her interpretation of the Nova, inspired by the classics of the 90s. With retro logo and accents of bright colours, the collection is a reminder of the past, ready for the future of all the strong and emancipated Barbie girls. The NOVA x BARBIE sneakers are characterized by a very stylish sculpted sole and decorated with a spray shade. The upper part, stylish and feminine, is composed of a weave of suede and not, decorated with Barbie graphic games, while the logo is located on the back of the shoe, above the heel. Available in the colour PUMA White – Orchid Pink, the NOVA x BARBIE sneakers for women and girls are PUMA‘s homage to sporty, chic iconic aesthetics.
The collection extends to trendy clothing, for an athletic and fashion look at the same time. From the highly sporty PUMA x Barbie XTG Track Jacket with zip closure, to the t-shirts in candy pink, to tight leggings and shorts, these are the latest items added to her wardrobe that celebrate streetwear in true Barbie style.
Discover the entire PUMA x Barbie collection at PUMA.com, in PUMA stores and at retailers around the world.

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