On Rai Yoyo the fantastic TV series of the little dragon Nocedicocco!

11 Apr - 2019

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From 1 April every day at 3.15 pm on Rai Yoyo, with 2 episodes, Nocedicocco is on the air!

We are on the island of Drago, the home of all species of dragons: fire dragons, dragons with furs, sea dragons, gourmet dragons, exploring dragons and many others. Dragons of all types, from the oldest to the youngest. But it can be difficult to get into the business of the grown-ups, especially if you are particularly small – like Nocedicocco
Nocedicocco, a dragon that can’t fly and his friend Oscar, a vegetarian carnivorous dragon, are great friends and share a big problem: their parents don’t understand them!
After the great success of the first film, Nocedicocco and his friends arrive with their adventures in their suspenseful TV series, spectacular action and above all fun!

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