The FrankFlò fashion brand will display the new collections at BLTF19

26 Mar - 2019

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The brand will set up an exclusive exhibition for the BLTF19 after the launch of the new collection in Los Angeles in mid-March.

The exclusive exhibition for the 2019 Bologna Licensing Trade Fair of the fashion brand born from the meeting between the fashion designer Francesco Delvecchio and the artist Filomena Guzzo, will be an original mix of illustration, fashion and images and will be set up at Hall 32 of Bologna Licensing Trade Fair in a dedicated area. A unique way to experience FrankFlò‘s illustrations, images, fashion and energy in an immersive way.


A limited edition of single clothing from number 0 to number 2000 whose some are reinterpreted, dismantled and reinvented in couture manner. Clothing to wear where the graphics were born from an instinctive and explosive art where, from the starting of the colour, sweet and irreverent figures arise. It’s a sophisticated and glamour streetwear with a strong and saltorial taste, an exclusive capsule, a high quality product with a big artistic value.. a collection with a single and innovative concept.

“An unexpected meeting of shapes, space and colours which earlier ignore them!”


When everyone begins to tell the same lie, it isn’t a lie anymore but our truth. An orgy of lie which becomes truth. Everyone is Pinocchio, every is an #ORGIACOLLODI


Open your heart more, don’t be a prisoner. Be a bird which flies in the sky searching for dreams!


A club of characters where one always appears angry; anger is essential, its absence means indifference, which is the most disastrous of the human lack. So nice #FIGHTCLUB


In a beautiful day where it is raining colour my soul and heat my heart. In a beautiful day where it is raining take me away and it will be a beautiful #PIOVEDÌ

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