Nickelodeon announces the international “Social Squad” for the Kids’ Choice Awards 2019

18 Mar - 2019

Nine Digital Stars representing seven countries, for Italy there will be Elisa Maino.

Nickelodeon International has formed the first “Social Squad” of the Kids’ Choice Awards, the big event in Los Angeles scheduled for March 23, with 9 beloved influencers representing seven countries, including Italy, to bring to life to over 50 million users the exclusive pre-event and the orange carpet with all the international stars of the Kids’Choice Awards.
The “KCA Social Squad” is formed by Elisa Main for Italy (@la_mainoo) so it is also nominated in the local category as the best “favorite Internet Star”; the twins Lisa and Lena (@lisaandlena, Germany), Max and Harvey (@maxandharvey, United Kingdom); AC Bonifacio (@acbonifacio, Philippines); Kaj Van Der Voort (@kajleroy, Netherlands); Ami Rodriguez (@amirodriguezz, Colombia) and João Guilherme (@joaoguilherme, Brazil). Starting from Thursday 21st March “KCA Social Squad” will offer an exclusive look at the “Nickelodeon x Instagram Slime Soiree” pre-party throughout the event, Saturday, March 23, will tell live what will happen on the Orange Carpet and behind the scenes.
The activity of the “Social Squad” can be followed live, while to watch the whole show, Italian fans will have to wait for the exclusive broadcast on Nickelodeon, Sky 605, Friday 29 March at 20:00.
Seven countries and seven different languages, to give all the anticipations and tell the surprises at the slime taste of the Kids’Choice Awards 2019.
The Kids ’Choice Awards will be presented by DJ Khaled, and will be held Saturday, March 23 at the” Galen Center “in Los Angeles, California. As always, children from all over the world will have a front-row seat to not miss the great Nickelodeon show that covers slimee’s guests that rewards all the favorite teen stars.
Local sponsor of Kids’ Choice Awards for Italy is Topps with the Magic Unicorns brand, which will bring 4 lucky winners to Staples Canter in Los Angeles to watch the show. The communication of the brand, in association with the competition, will be promoted on Instagram through known influencer tween for the target audience.
LEGO® for the first time will be the global sponsor of the Nickelodeon Kids ’Choice Awards 2019. The partnership includes an important campaign on all the Nickelodeon brands in the U.S., Europe and in the Asia Pacific area.

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