The ‘I&D – Illustratori & Design’ exhibition at BLTF19

13 Mar - 2019

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From 1 to 3 April in hall 32, BolognaFiere

Over the last few years, we have seen how illustration can be successfully applied over many areas – from artwork into the most popular products. I&D – Illustratori & Design is an exhibition – born out of the collaboration between BCBF and the Bologna Licensing Trade Fair (BLTF) that wants to show this peculiarity.

The exhibition will be in pavilion 32 and consist of new prototype products made by manufacturing companies from selected images, the work of the artists of the Illustrators Exhibition 2018. From fabrics for curtains, tablecloths, and sheets to lamps and other furnishing accessories: illustration is everywhere.

BLTF‘s partner companies were inspired by the numerous Italian and foreign illustrations selected last year to create new products or enrich existing lines of manufactured goods. After the exhibition, the products can be included in the catalogs and be offered to  Italian and international markets.

I&D – Illustratori & Design offers illustrators the opportunity both to give visibility to their work and to find new opportunities for collaboration through other professional outlets.

Here are the brands involved in the project:

  • Tessitura Toscana Telerie – Home & Bath Textile
  • F.lli Carillo – Home & Bath Textile
  • Stamperia Pascucci 1826 – Home Textile
  • Pronao – Paper lamps
  • Yapadapadou – Kids Home Decor
  • Illustrabimbi – Childrenswear

…and the illustrators:

  • Filipe Abranches
  • Monia Antonelli
  • Masha Bazilevskaya
  • Julien Chung
  • Francisco Cunha
  • Czinczoll
  • Reza Dalvand
  • Maria Gasparri
  • Ahra Kwon
  • Gina Rosas Moncada
  • Negrescolor
  • Daniela Pareschi
  • Andreja Peklar
  • Rika Sakai
  • May Toyoshima
  • Sofia Venzel
  • Maurizio Zorat

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