Smiley Foods program ‘takes shape’ with latest launch at Farmfoods

One of the most recognisable icons of modern life, the ‘Smiley’ is fast becoming a trusted brand and emblem in the food retail trade.

With Smiley’s distinct focus on developing 3D shaped foods starting to pay dividends, the brand announces the launch of Chicken Smileys across 275 Farmfoods stores.

With 3D remaining the cornerstone of Smiley’s foods program, Smiley has been working with Romanian Chicken supplier Transavia to get their unique and trademarked 3D foods listed at some of Europe’s leading supermarkets including Carrefour, Iceland and now FarmFoods.

Speaking about the latest launch, Nicolas Loufrani Smiley CEO, said “One of the key elements of our strategy is to develop ‘shaped’ product. When you go for generic shapes, such as stars, anyone can copy your design, but there’s only one 3D Smiley food trademark, it is instantly recognizable, it is protected and enforceable.”

Smiley has long offered 3D shapes in more ‘stable’ food formats, with a longstanding tie-up with frozen foods producer McCain, who have been selling Smiley potato products for over 20 years. However thanks to recent advancements in technology Smiley has been able to extend 3D shaped food products in a range of news products including ice creams, snacks, sweets and even pasta. This strategy has allowed Smiley to sign a host of new food licensees in recent years and has contributed to category growth of over 20% year on year from 2017-2018.

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