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Boing SpA licensing agent for ‘Kid e Cats’ in Italy

14 Dec - 2018

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The 2nd season of the series will arrive on Cartoonito in 2019.

Boing SpA, a company formed by the joint-venture between Turner and RTI Mediaset and editor of the free-to-air channels Boing (40 DTT) and Cartoonito (46 DTT), has signed an agreement with APC Kids, the entertainment company distribution company owned by About Premium Content (APC), for the management of the licensing rights in Italy of KID E CATS, the TV series aired exclusively on Cartoonito (channel 40 of the DTT) from Monday to Friday at 20.30.
Boing SpA will introduce the franchise in Italy and develop a structured licensing program aimed at the pre-school target.
The show tells the daily adventures of a nice family of kittens. The three Cookie, Budino and Chicca brothers live in a small town. They are cheerful, curious, they love to play, eat ice cream, sing and discover the world around them.
Chicca is the smallest, yet the most mature of the three. It never gives up and often it is she who resolves difficult situations. His motto is “I know what to do!”. Cookie is the most active and tireless kitten, loves sports and outdoor games. His courageous character means that he always proposes the most daring and imaginative solutions. Pudding, on the other hand, reads many books, is chubby and sometimes a bit lazy, but when it comes to helping his brothers or playing with them, he never pulls back.
Every day the friendly trio will have to solve a problem. To succeed, Cookie, Pudding and Chicca will have to be ready to go into action and devise ingenious solutions together. To help them in these fun adventures, there will be trusted friends Tortina, Razzo and Boris.
The young protagonists, facing the daily challenges with enthusiasm and vitality, will learn to express their emotions and to help each other. Thanks to their fervid imagination and some wise advice from their parents, they will discover that we must never give up.
The series, dedicated to the younger spectators, transmits to children values like friendship and the importance of facing problems positively.

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