Baby Heidi is born, the brand new baby version of the classic child character

Baby Heidi is the protagonist of childhood songs for the whole family.

Planeta Junior, a leading entertainment company in Europe, launches BABY HEIDI, the new child version of the timeless icon, this time designed for children.
BABY HEIDI, the new character created by Planeta Junior, is the protagonist of a series of video just published on YouTube with classic songs for children and babies available in four languages: Spanish, English, Italian and Catalan. The new animations are full of life and color, and the most famous characters of the classic cartoon – from Heidi and Peter to Snowflake and Nebbia – have been redesigned with the shape of cute babies. The videos will be among the featured contents of the Youtube Kids homepage.
The character was born with the aim of helping mothers and fathers in the task of passing to their daughters and their children the values of love for nature, friendship and joy that Heidi taught them during their childhood.
Together with the videos there is also a new web-portal where, in addition to listening to all the songs published so far, mothers and fathers will be able to find new articles every week with tips and tricks on motherhood. In addition, BABY HEIDI will have his personal Instagram account, full of funny memes and character images, in which moms and dads can interact with her.
Soon the BABY HEIDI universe will grow, with new forms of entertainment and products respectful of the values of the character, which will offer mothers and fathers new opportunities to tighten the first deep bonds with their babies.
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