Bogglesox TV to be Exclusive UK Home for Hit Preschool Series ‘Grandpa In My Pocket’

27 Nov - 2018

Fast-growing new YouTube channel boosts audience with new content including Ha Ha Hairies.

Fledgling kids YouTube channel Bogglesox TV, owned by the Bafta-winning team writer/producer Mellie Buse and producer/director Martin Franks, is now the exclusive UK home for award-winning CBeebies pre-school series Grandpa in My Pocket and is also airing full episodes of Turner’s Ha Ha Hairies for the first time.

This new content is creating a huge boost in the channel’s online following which has received a total of 13 million views in the last six months and in the last month alone Bogglesox has had 500,000 hours of watched content which is an increase of 400% on the previous month.

Aimed at children aged 0-8, Bogglesox TV grew out of a Skillset training scheme and was originally established to showcase the trainees’ projects, but has rapidly grown over the last six months as the platform has boosted its content of both original and third-party properties.

In addition to the Bafta-winning Grandpa in the Pocket and Ha Ha Hairies produced by Mellie Buse and Jan Page at Adastra Creative, the platform is home to original stop-frame series Bitziboos which features puppets created by MacKinnon and Saunders; a new series of fairy tales My Magic Theatre; classic BBC show Spider in the Bath and Magic Pencil from Keyframe Studios.

The channel is run by business graduate Oli Ridgeon who joined the team as a Skillset trainee in 2015.

The last six months have seen a major surge in following for Bogglesox TV, attracting half a million views per day which is a 40 x increase and views have risen from 200,000 to 3.2 million a month and subscriber numbers have grown significantly to over 14,000, up from 1000 six months ago.

Mellie Buse said: “The original aim of Bogglesox was to produce niche, experimental content, largely created by the Skillset trainees, but it has become apparent in recent months that there is a huge appetite for both our original and third-party programming. As the exclusive UK home of Grandpa and featuring shows like Ha Ha Hairies we are now attracting a rapidly growing audience and we look forward to further upscaling the platform showcasing new content.

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