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Diadora x Rick and Morty: an exclusive capsule collection is coming soon

20 Nov - 2018

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The launch is planned in selected FootLocker stores all over the world.

Turner and DIADORA, the historic Italian brand of sportswear and footwear, are launching an exclusive collection from Rick and Morty, the critically acclaimed Adult Swim series that has conquered world pop culture. The line of footwear and apparel DIADORA X RICK AND MORTY includes: unatrack jacket, a hoodie, a t-shirt and two pairs of sneakers, all original Diadora models from the 80s and 90s with the iconic faces of the beloved protagonists of the series. In addition, the color palette of the collection reflects the clothes worn by the same Rick and Morty, a tribute designed for all the super-fans of the show.
The capsule will be launched exclusively in selected Foot Locker stores all over the world since 19 November 2018, within the annual campaign signed by the retailer Week of Greatness.
Rick and Morty is the cult comedy series (30-minute episodes) aired on Adult Swim following the adventures of a brilliant and sociopathic scientist who drags his shy nephew into dangerous and bizarre intergalactic missions.Rick Sanchez lives with his daughter Beth’s family, composed of her husband and children Summer and Morty, who brings with him adventures in the universe. Will the family survive Rick’s madness and the chaos of the universe?

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