Hot Wheels dresses in yellow and blue to pay tribute to Valentino Rossi

8 Nov - 2018

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For this special occasion the Doctor opens the doors of the VR46 Riders Academy in Tavullia with a competition!

The love for speed, the adrenaline of the challenges and the roar of the motors bring together the world of Hot Wheels and the world of Valentino Rossi, the Italian champion of the two wheels. A brand and a character wrapped in the myth come together in a limited edition exclusively for Italy, for a new flamboyant and spirited collection, which will make all fans and lovers of the challenges go crazy!
6 die cast models, in 1:64 scale reproduce aerodynamic racing vehicles, with colors and symbols that immediately refer to the blue yellow sample.
The GT Hunter model has an attractive shape with squared lines. The metallic blue is decorated with yellow inserts personalized with the name of Valentino Rossi and the Hot Wheels logo that make it unique and inimitable!
The elegant and sinuous line of the Fast Felionè model decorated by the number 46, a sign of good luck for Valentino Rossi during all the challenges, and by a yellow stripe, in contrast with the black background, to give the impression of an even faster ride.
The Time Tracker, is aerodynamic and sporty, with a large windscreen that extends up to the roof, illuminating the entire interior. The background yellow color is made spectacular by the red blue and black decorations, which blend the world of Valentino Rossi with that of Hot Wheels.
The Crescendo model, with its sinuous shape to be confused with the track, has minimal decorations that match the curved line of the body, perfectly suited to reach an ever increasing speed.
The Blitzspeeder toy car features a large blue glass breeze para extended to the roof, for a 360 ° view of the adversaries. The vitreous blue color, decorated with the colors and symbols of the champion Valentino Rossi, is made even more attractive by the green wheels with orange rims.
The Winning Formula is a model of formula one able to reach surprising speeds. The visible engine components, chrome effect make the vehicle gritty and fearful in the eyes of the adversaries. The background blue is decorated with the initials VR and the number 46 in bright yellow, just like the Valentino Rossi bike!
Check out the competition!
The Hot Wheels models inspired by Valentino Rossi will make every challenge faster and more exciting for all the fans of the brand and the champion, who will have a unique experience: from October 7th to December 31st, those who buy 2 vehicles dedicated to the pilot, can take part in a competition to win an exclusive day at the VR46 Riders Academy in Tavullia, to discover the secrets of the trade … of the Doctor!

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