Amazon sponsor of X Factor 2018 will accompany the lives of the competitors of one of the most famous and beloved Italian programs, enriching the Loft of the X Factor 2018 competitors with a wide selection of products available on is allied with the talent house, X Factor, produced by Fremantle, to make even more exciting the final stages of the show now in its 12th edition. Thanks to this collaboration, Benji and Fede, the conductors of the daily, will surrender the magnificent Loft that will host the competitors choosing among the wide selection of products available on The artists will live a real shopping experience through the choice of furnishing accessories while the competitors will have fun with the unboxing of the products chosen for them by Benji and Fede.
An Amazon Locker, Amazon’s innovative self-service collection point, will be placed inside the Loft for the duration of Live. The Locker, branded X Factor, will be used by competitors during the daily to receive very special deliveries. For the four finalists, the most awaited delivery will, however, be that of the CD containing the unpublished. will also make available for all its customers the new X Factor 2018 Loft Store, thanks to which it will be possible to buy the products seen in the X Factor Loft and the official merchandising of the program.
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