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25 Oct - 2018

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Simona Abriani, DeAgostini licensing consultant and expert of the industry tells us about the latest edition of the BLE from her privileged point of view.

Despite this year the layout of the stands was linear, all in the same exhibition space on the ground floor, not at all linear is the feeling that I have brought home at the end of this 20th edition of the most important European Licensing event.

There is a lot of high quality offer especially in the pre-school and pre-teens range in an uncertain market moment in which retail is in difficulty, due to an increasing consumer predisposition towards online purchases.

A massive revival of super classic contents revisited and realized by the new platforms, Amazon, Netflix, You tube. In short, the past and the future intertwined together in a new way, “the past for the future” – still much to imagine.

The quality level of the animated series productions is on the whole elevated both in small and large reality. For example, My Nina by Tunz Entertainment, Gigantosaurus by Cybergroup Studios, Bing! by Acamar Film but I could mention many others.

The range of animated series inspired and derived from books and classic characters of success is growing. The large Publishing Groups but also the authors directly enhance their most successful historical brands by creating real Brand Licensing projects and thus transforming their content assets for use on new media. There are more and more agreements and collaborations between publishers and production and animation studios. Just to name a few: Scholastic Entertainment with 9Story announced the re-launch of Clifford the big red dog with a brand new animated series of 39 episodes that will be launched on Amazon Prime in 2019.

Penguin Ventures, part of Penguin Random House, celebrates 40 years of The Snowman with a very detailed Licensing program and important collaborations like the one next Autumn with Barbour.

Anne E. Dewdney author of the series of books Llama Llama published by Penguin Random House continues the collaboration with Genius Brands International for the second season of the cartoon produced by Netflix exclusively.

In Italy, lastly, at Geronimo Stilton, Atlantyca has joined the Tea Sisters IP and implements its ambitious and successful Licensing program.

The youtuber phenomenon and children’s influencers exploded, more and more involved in commercial activities and brand promotion projects.

The American phenomenon Tiana and its symbol at heart debuted at BLE. The youtuber is only 10 years old and boasts 12 million fans and 2.6 billion views.

Jojo Siwa, super star of the world Viacom Nickelodeon, with its big pink bow and 1.3 million fans has crossed the ocean and has arrived in Europe. Many web and live events are planned in 2019.

As far as consumers are concerned, the market seems to be more attentive and particularly sensitive to the theme linked to the protection of the environment and to the sustainability of the Planet, a theme developed in a transversal way and for all age groups.

Lilybuds, an animated preschool series produced by Zodiak helps children to learn about the seasons and respect nature, the relaunch of Spongebob which in 2019 celebrates its 20th anniversary includes initiatives linked to the fight against pollution for the protection of the seas and the Earth.

National Geographic has presented a global and multi annual “Planeta or plastic” campaign to combat pollution and reduce the amount of plastic in the seas, highlighting its ecological commitment worldwide.

The other theme that seems to be very felt by parents is the importance of the experience. Experiencing helps you grow and create skills and can become a valuable opportunity to share and stay with your children.

Discovery has launched the brand Discovery Mindblown to bring children closer to the STEM method with which to experiment and develop skills.

But what more immersive and exciting experience for the whole family of a day spent with the characters most loved by children in a theme park?

Even for the big ones there is no lack of full immersion in total fun like the Slime Fest that the United States Viacom Nickelodeon has brought to Europe with an exciting audience result.

But from the beginning of next year we will see many live shows scheduled in many Italian theaters, both animated series, such as PJ Masks and Miraculous, and live action for the bigger ones like Kally’s Mash Up. From city to city will bring the protagonists to meet their fans.

To satisfy the new desires of consumers, the Canadian Le Cirque du Soleil has purchased VStar Entertainment Group, a reality that produces theater shows for children and families.

In other words, in 2019 the Licensing becomes live!

Contribution by Simona Abriani

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