The first live action series ever produced by the channel arrives on Cartoonito: Miracle Tunes

18 Oct - 2018

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Guest Star Michelle Hunziker and Angelo Pintus.

MIRACLE TUNES, the European adaptation of the homonymous TV series and Japanese pop phenomenon, arrives on Boing (channel 40 of the DTT) and Cartoonito (channel 46 of the DTT).
The show, directed by Roberto Cenci – director of some of the most famous Italian TV programs – and produced by Showlab, boasts two exceptional guest stars: Michelle Hunziker and comedian Angelo Pintus. The preview aired on Saturday October 13th at 9.00 pm on Boing and on October 14th on Cartoonito. The series will then arrive in exclusive Prima TV on Cartoonito from 19 October and will air every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 9.00 pm.
The show – the first live action series of the channel – narrates the adventures of Miracle Tunes: Julie (Giulia Sara Salemi), Emily (Emily Shaqiri) and Jasmine (Jasmine Roberta Molinaro), three young warriors fighting against evil and negativity with dance, music and song.
The World of Music, a place of harmony and peace, is governed and protected by the Goddess of Music (Michelle Hunziker) custodian of the Crystal Melody box, the casket that contains the Jewels of Music, used to create melodies of happiness and ensure serenity in the world of humans.

One day the evil Demon (Angelo Pintus), Lord of Darkness, steals the Jewels to turn them into Jewels of Negativity with the intention of spreading them on the earth and thus dragging the world into darkness and silence.
To counter it and recover the Jewels of Music, the Goddess sends one of her little helpers, Rocky. This will have the task of assisting the young Emily, one of the most famous stars in the music scene, who actually hides a second identity: that of Miracle Tunes.
Despite Rocky’s help, Emily alone can not cope with Negativity spread by Demon. The Goddess of Music then decides to send two other helpers, Poppun and Benji, who will have to find two new warriors ready to fight together with Emily.
This is how Julie and Jasmine, two young singers and dancers with a great talent and strong personality, will accept the mission and will form the team of Miracle Tunes with Emily.
The three together will create a musical group destined to climb all the charts and, secretly, will play the role of the heroines ready to fight Demon and his Doku Doku Dan, the clan of evil that help him spread the evil on earth. The aim of the Miracle Tunes, in fact, will be to win back all the Jewels of Music and restore peace. To help them there will be Matilda (Greta Pierotti), the manager of the group and the only person to know the true identity of the girls.
Supporting them in their lives as singers, the friendly and always available Leo (played by Leonardo Decarli), social media manager of the group and Marta (Marta Noè), number one fan of Miracle Miracle. During their journey, the Miracles will also meet Sophia (Giulia Izzo) and Charlotte (Lavinia Mantegazza), the Sweet Sisters, who will have to face in a competition between musical bands.
Rich in music, fights, fantastic transformations, and characterized by a mix of special effects and CGI animation, MIRACLE TUNES is the first live action series from a Japanese show to be made entirely in Europe.

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