Precious Moments baby diapers and wet wipes from Innovent

“Many changes ahead” for diaper & baby wipe maker Innovent Inc. as a Precious Moments licensee.

Innovent Inc. ( is looking forward to the “many changes ahead” now that it has been granted the rights to produce Precious Moments branded baby diapers and wet wipes.

Precious Moments is known as a comforting and caring brand which makes it a perfect branding partner for our products,” says Daryl Asato, VP of Sales & Marketing for Innovent Inc. “We at Innovent Inc. pride ourselves on quality values such as comfort, gentleness, purity, and caring for precious little ones that are very important to all. We produce products that our own families will use with confidence.

In a deal brokered by Spotlight Licensing and Brand Management on behalf of Precious Moments, Inc., Precious Moments diapers and wipes will be marketed to consumers as part of Innovent’s new Cooshkins line of comfortable Ultra Soft Diapers and gentle Pure Water Baby Wipes. This is the first licensing deal for Innovent Inc. – a family-owned company producing high quality personal care and child/baby care products.

“Innovent impressed us with their dedication to applying new technologies to baby care as well as their enthusiasm for creating new products and packaging inspired by the Precious Moments brand and characters,” says Spotlight Licensing President Carole Postal. “Precious Moments has proven itself as a great brand for baby products and we are excited to be working with Innovent to make sure Precious Moments is at the forefront of advances in key baby care product categories.

Precious Moments already enjoys a strong association with major life events such as birth and baptism, so we are very pleased that Innovent’s Precious Moments diapers and wipes will allow us to also be there for parents, grandparents and caregivers during those precious every day baby moments,” says Elisa McDermott, Vice President of Sales & Licensing for Precious Moments, Inc.

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