Smiley Company launches new integrated kids TV and social media campaign

The campaign will reach 20 million kids aged between 3-12 years through 10,000 TV spots.

A true icon of pop culture throughout the world, Smiley has launched an integrated TV and YouTube brand awareness campaign highlighting its collection of kids lines, targeted at Gen Z’s and parents. The advert is a celebration of positivity, being broadcast on TV and relayed on YouTube ads, featuring a network of young leading influencers across Europe, along with the launch of the new SMILEY METER app.

The Smiley TV and YouTube advertising campaign has just launched in France and will be rolling out in Germany, Benelux, Italy, Spain and UK in the coming year.

Consumers will be able to play the Smiley-Meter, a brand new app, which plays a selection of entertaining content, whilst tracking their facial reaction through their device’s camera. They will then receive a Smiley score and a shareable GIF with footage of their facial responses.

Brothers Neo and Swann are France’s leading social media influencers. With over 4 million subscribers on YouTube they, along with a network of kid influencers make up the Smiley Style Gang. Featured in our new TV campaign to promote Smiley products to their millions of followers.