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Polly Pocket: the most beloved caskets of all time have come back since the 90s

4 Oct - 2018

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The new products along with the TV campaign, the animated series and dedicated events will revive the mothers a toy that marked their childhood, sharing with their daughters a moment of joyful and fun play!

Toys loved in childhood live in the memory of the generations who used them, marking the era in which they were in vogue and becoming a distinctive sign. Polly Pocket, with the launch of its practical and innovative caskets and its iconic pocket doll, marked the decade of the 90s.

The world in a box set!
The real peculiarity of the little Polly, then like today, has always been the chance to experience all the most fantastic adventures jumping from one place to another, thanks to the mini worlds enclosed in the historical boxes. The meticulous details make the game experience unique in its style, allowing the child to discover always new details. Rich with surprises and hidden secrets, Polly’s magical boxes surpass the barriers of time and never cease to amaze!
For adventures always at hand, inside the boxes, the dolls of Polly and his friends, thanks to their small size, articulated limbs and clothes made of durable silicone, make it easy and immediate play away from home, combining practicality and fun.
Pocket niches always with you
Enclosed in practical and delightful decorated and handled caskets, there are several playsets, equipped with a micro doll, 2 hidden surprises, 3 accessories and one hidden. Once opened they reveal different worlds and, even if in mini format, full of details. Like Polly’s Picnic, with a green lawn, a pink scooter and a cute little dog, or Shani’s Concerto with musical instruments and the microphone for a lot of portable fun!

Pocket Playset

What better setting for Polly’s adventures than a themed playset, which once closed off unique and colorful shapes? For lovers of fantasy come three caskets to open to reveal many wonderful surprises: The Bar of Zuccherini, hidden in a colorful cupcake and looking delicious, once opened transforms into a pastel colored bar and a thousand sweets! Secrets of the Snows, an enchanted mountain house that turns out to be a chalet nestled among the snowy slopes, will make winter sports for the girls live, while the Flamingos Swimming Pool will take summer lovers into a mini world full of water and color All players include two micro dolls, 5 hidden surprises and lots of stikers and accessories to complete it all.
Secret posts
Every child loves to create environments and landscapes in which to live their Polly, but often accessories are difficult to carry and the pleasure of the moment of the game becomes exclusively possible at home. With the new transportable playsets the perfect setting can be taken wherever you want! The Briefcase of the Party is transformed with a simple click, in an elegant gala with a lot of Limousine and entrance mat from which you enter the lounge with DJ sets, dance floor and buffet! For lovers of the sea and the holidays, the Summer Backpack gets into a private villa with ocean view, equipped, with a private beach to enjoy playing with the submarine, the motorboat and much more! The Playsets consist of 2 micro dolls, 5 hidden surprises, a micro vehicle and lots of stikers and theme accessories!
Transformable Playset: Polly’s bedroom


The playset reproduces in a realistic and flamboyant manner the room of Polly, complete with accessories, such as skateboards, a drone and a computer. In order to never get bored, by pressing a small lever, Polly transforms like a cartoon and becomes a mini! Even the bedroom changes its appearance making it possible to discover secret corners accessible to little Polly, for guaranteed fun! The set is completed by theme stikers, a 7.6 cm doll, a micro doll and lots of accessories to discover!

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