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Flamboyant and breathtaking news for the 50th birthday of Hot Wheels.

This year, Hot Wheels celebrates its birthday and does so in great style darting through the 50-year milestone, passed in the name of innovation, attention to detail and incredible speed! Despite the advancing age, the legendary toy cars loved by children and adults, do not miss a beat, always reaching the first place. Playsets and multiplayer never seen before, all compatible to create incredible tracks and new worlds to unleash their fantasy telling fantastic stories and creating breathtaking races!
Hot Wheels SOS Shark
Another monstrous creature has attacked Hot Wheels City, and this time it’s a shark! The set has two modes of play: when the shark traps a toy car in its jaws, the child can launch another at full speed to hit the creature and let him open his mouth! Otherwise the children can challenge themselves in surfing competitions on the waves to try to conquer the podium on the other side of the beach. The set is compatible with all other Hot Wheels tracks and Hot Wheels City sets to create even more adventurous stories.

Photographer Teri Weber/Stylist Audra Bennett, 1830119G
Hot Wheels Mega Car Wash
The biggest Hot Wheels car wash ever, with lots of surprises and hidden difficulties! The ramp operated by the manual lift brings the cars to the top, letting them pass under a container that contains hot water and which … changes the color of the car that is washed! At the end of the track the car will have to pass in a “centrifuge” that, filled with cold water, will return the car color and will throw it straight into the jaws of a terrible crocodile, will it manage to save itself? Thanks to its save-drop system, the gaming environment remains dry! Compatible with all Hot Wheels tracks and playsets, this set includes a color-changing vehicle.

Hot Wheels Torre Garage

With the Garage Tower the cars climb thanks to the manually operated lift, reaching the place for which they are intended. The garage can hold up to 50 cars and the top two seats are actually the starting point of a double ramp from which the cars can be launched to challenge each other in stunning head-to-head situations! The garage is connectable and compatible with all Hot Wheels tracks and playsets and contains a Hot Wheels vehicle.
Hot Wheels Garage of Acrobatics
Hot Wheels this time you overcome with the most incredible Garage ever! With 80 parking spaces, a breathtaking launch ramp, a double loop operated with a lever to launch the cars at full throttle, an automated lift, what more could you want? Obviously he, the inevitable shark that awaits the cars at the end of the loops to welcome them in its jaws! Will they be able to save themselves? Compatible with all Hot Wheels playsets and tracks, this garage includes two vehicles!
Hot Wheels Track Builder Multi Challenge Set
This resealable set is the dream of adults and children! In fact, the Multi Challenge set is modular and reconfigurable in 3 different game modes, with four lanes you can create epic races between different cars at the same time. Foldable and space-saving, it can be transported anywhere thanks to its convenient handle. Includes two Hot Wheels vehicles.
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