An exclusive interview with Agathe Lème-Michau

LM participated at Cartoon Forum as media partner and interviewed Agathe Lème-Michau, Editorial Director and Head of Licensing and Special Projects, Kids Area at GLÉNAT.

Glénat is an independent graphic novel publishing company which publishes over 300 titles a year. Since its founding in 1969 Glénat has offered a wide range of comics and graphic novels. Its catalog of over 10,000 titles, and a large variety of non-fiction illustrated and text books.

  1. Which is exactly your task at GLÉNAT?
    As a publishing Director of Licensed children’s books, my mission is to develop book projects around heroes and their universes. These heroes might come from our own comic books (Titeuf, Lou!, Tib & Tatoum, Mamette) or from other licenses (Jurassic World, Minuscule, Raving Rabbids)
  2. What kind of animation projects do you look for your editorial projects?
    I’m looking for the heart stroke! A project with the same values as Glénat: humor, heroes that learn how to grow up… and, of course, a pinch of irreverence! That being said, if some of the projects we spotted at the Cartoon Forum don’t lead to the screens but fit with the graphic and editorial line of Glénat, it is possible to offer them an independent existence as books. 
  3. How is the attitude to books changing from the young audience?
    The reader is not expecting the same things as the Tv and film audience. And the license reader even less! He will seek a universe and characters he feels close to, but mostly to learn more about them, and be surprised. If licenses can give to children the taste of books, it is a great chance for publishers!
  4. Which will be the next trends in animation and publishing for young audience, according to you?
    I’ve noticed that at the Cartoon Forum, some projects for youth talk about pretty tough subjects, which seemed to be more adapted to teenagers or young adults. Maybe the trend is here: considering children as more aware of the world around them, more responsible.
  5. How was your experience at the Cartoon Forum, as first time visitor?
    I really enjoyed this event ! The ambiance is relaxed, friendly : you can meet and connect with people very easily. And let’s be honest: spending some days in such an environment is very pleasant ! As a licensing publisher, I found very interesting to discover the world of the animation behind the scenes, and to be associated to the projects very early. In addition, you can observe the new trends of this sector, as much on the substance as on the form. Now, I hope that my crushes will come to their achievement, on TV or in book shops!
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