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Geronimo Stilton and the Museo Leonardiano together to celebrate the genius of the Renaissance

27 Sep - 2018

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A new special volume of the “Storie da ridere” series will be dedicated to da Vinci: Leonardo’s secret.

500 years after the death of Leonardo da Vinci, the great symbolic genius of the Italian Renaissance, Geronimo Stilton celebrates this important anniversary alongside one of the most important Leonardian institutions of the national territory.
Together with the Museo Leonardiano‘s team, Geronimo will dedicate a new special volume of the series “Storie da ridere”: Leonardo’s Secret. A book full of mystery and laughter, in which Geronimo Stilton, Benjamin, Trappy and the teacher Topitilla will live an adventure entirely dedicated to the artist, on the striking background of the Leonardian Museum and the Leonardian Library, in Vinci in the birthplace of the genius. In this way, young readers will be able to get close to the fascinating story of the great Leonardo da Vinci while having fun. The volume will be released in Italy published by PIEMME Editions in March 2019 and will also be proposed to all the international publishers of Geronimo Stilton.
With his books translated into 49 languages and sold in 152 million copies worldwide, Geronimo Stilton has become an important international phenomenon not only in the field of children’s literature, but also in the promotion of the cultural education of his readers. It is not the first time, in fact, that the most famous journalist of Topazia participates in the activities of important museums in the Italian territory: for example, we mention the collaborations with MUDEC in Milan and the UNESCO site Pompeii, Herculaneum, Torre Annunziata.
In the heart of Vinci, the Leonardiano Museum is the oldest collection of models entirely dedicated to Leonardo technologist, scientist and engineer, more in general, to the history of the Renaissance technique. From the studies on the flight to those on the motion in the water, from war machines to optical experiments, the vastness of the interests of the Vinciano is documented in the Museum which now houses the original Leonardo section and anatomy. The Leonardo house is extended by the Birthplace immersed in the timeless countryside of the town of Anchiano and the new section Leonardo and the painting that presents reproductions of Leonardo’s life-size works, thanks to an innovative digital technology that makes them identical to his masterpieces.
The “Leonardo’s Secret” will be presented in the birthplace of the Renaissance genius with a forthcoming event.

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