Following the success of the third film dedicated to “Cars” the franchise is stronger than ever!

The legendary Cars champions dart out of the movie to take part in great live challenges.

The new playsets give life to games full of speed, with a realism never seen before.

Mega Pista Ultimate Florida:

The biggest track ever made for the saga (over 1.50 meters), perfectly reproduces the characteristics of the spectacular circuit seen in Cars 3. With its iconic elliptical shape, it is characterized by large parabolics and a diverter that allows piggy lane changes. The cars run without ever stopping thanks to a technological motorized launcher. The playset is equipped with multiple themed areas including the sandy area, the stands and the podium, to make the game even more complete. The track also includes a metal car by Lightning McQueen.

Mack Mega Track:

The iconic Mack becomes a giant 2-in-1 toy: the most beloved transporter ever turns into a mammoth track more than a meter long, equipped with themed areas including a pit stop, the stands and podium for the winner! The minictures continue to slow down thanks to the motorized launcher. And it does not end here: in the giant transporter mode Mack is able to emit sounds and lights from the headlights!
Pinball Florida Mini Racers Track

For a gaming experience that combines the tradition of pinball with that of the challenges between small cars comes the Pinball Florida track of the Mini Racers line: the game consists in launching the small Mini Racers and centering 4 different objectives avoiding obstacles. By knocking them all down, you will unlock the ramp to reach the Piston Cup trophy. To win, you will need to center the cup at this point. The playset is equipped with a handle to take it anywhere and a comfortable space to collect and keep your mini vehicles safe. The Mini Racer by Lightning McQueen is included.

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