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27 Sep - 2018

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Here’s how Atlantyca Entertainment can make the difference for your business: Focus on pre-school property and its unrivaled flexibility.

Atlantyca Entertainment is a 100% Italian company that, starting from books, has developed Geronimo Stilton‘s franchise in just over 10 years, creating every kind of entertainment, from live to digital, from animation to licensing.
Atlantyca Licensing therefore offers companies that want to work in licensing a portfolio which offers different properties for targets and similar content (entertainment and educational values).
Here are the news from the Atlantyca Licensing portfolio,
School of Roars – School of Little Monsters
  • Pre school target
  • 52 episodes of 7 minutes
  • second season in production
  • 5 Little monsters go in first grade, and every day is a discovery
It is a TV series on air on Dea Kids starting from March 2018 and on RAI Yoyo from October 2018. Pure pre-school target 3-6 years M + F. Produced in England, it is based on a typically Anglo-Saxon design, essential and characterized by vivid and imaginative colors. In Italy in the recent past other TV series that have been able to combine these same elements (target, design and programming) has produced amazing successes. For this reason, the licensee who chooses School of Roars School of Little Monsters, can offer the market a product able to obtain the fundamental approval of the buyers, and then the immediate success at the sell out.
Giust In Tempo – Just In Time
  • Target 4-7
  • 74 episodes of 11 minutes
  • Justin loves to travel with fantasy in the historical periods and in the most fascinating places in the world together with his friend Olivia and Ciuffetto, the plush that can take any form.
  • Fortunate TV series produced by the Canadian studio GURU, now in its third season, in Italy stably on Cartoonito since 2014; Just in Time (original title) is now a classic known by families and children.
Giust’InTempo offers a story without equal: travel around the world and in all historical periods to create sticker albums, publishing, collectibles, partworks, toys and live shows with a TV classic broadcast in 2014.
Tea Sisters
  • Target F 5-12
  • Series of Books that is part of the Geronimo Stilton universe
  • Almost 100 books published
  • 5 Topford college students who have a motto: more than friends, sisters.
With Tea Sisters companies can use a brand aimed at faithful and loyal young girls who enter this world from the first years of elementary school, and stay on board until middle school. The Tea Sisters are 5 female students who embody the most common passions among girls: fashion, cooking, Passion for puppies, Travel and Art & Craft. The licensee who develops products of this brand can intercept a vast and stable target of little girls, and can offer them products that adhere to these great timeless themes.
Geronimo Stilton makes the difference because is the character # 1 for families, and ideal for promotional activities and licensing that can transfer a positive value, maintaining the absolute approval of children. Fun + Positive message. Its licensing and promotional program continues to grow. More and more companies, such as Lindt and Headu, choose Geronimo Stilton thanks to its contents, and in 2019 one of the main national brands will launch a loyalty program that is the perfect synthesis, precisely, trivia and positive content, to intercept children and parents in equal measure.
There are other reasons, of a technical nature, that allow Atlantyca to make a difference in the licensing world:
  • Atlantyca is licensing agent, and above all the TV rights of the series represented: therefore it has direct contact with the channel that airs the TV series, and this allows a continuous exchange of information about programming, ratings and future plans .
  • Continuous and stable TV programming. Thanks to the good relations with the Italian TV channels, Atlantyca always gets a good programming, on the best channels, and with duration and continuity
  • Atlantyca has no rivals in terms of negotiation flexibility and speed in terms of contract issuance and above all product development. A feature that can really make the difference to reach the market quickly, from the moment when the licensee has selected a property.
Atlantyca is preparing to participate in the BLE 2018 with the usual enthusiasm given by the successes of its properties, the stability of the sameness, the confidence in the new features and the awareness of being a 100% Italian company, flexible and fast, able to give to children all over the world moments of great fun with the approval of parents.

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