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The Christmas of Grandi Giochi!

20 Sep - 2018

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Grandi Giochi, also this year, was present at the appointment with the Press Day of Assogiocattoli with a Christmas full of news.

The company is preparing for Christmas with a decidedly unique offer on all the main market categories, with important innovations in the Dolls area with the Amore Mio brand, where the Buonanotte Amore Mio and MagichePiroette launches stand out, but there are also surprises for Cupcake joining Hello Kitty eBarbie with the development of a role play line from the pizzeria and pans for the small aspiring chefs, to the vacuum cleaner, to the beauty for the beauty salon and portable albeauty set.
Also for the little girls great confirmations for the RolePlay segment: Crazy Style to decorate, color and beautify the hair, and Nail Style to achieve a colorful and unique unamanicure, and with Folletto, where the watchwords are aspiration and quality.
On the occasion of the launch of the animated film Hotel Transilvania 3 (last August 22), Grandi Giochi presents the line of toys composed of beautiful playset of the main characters, the beautiful fashion doll of Mavis, the soft toys and the GrandLobby PlaySet that reproduces the hotel of the location of the film.
Grandi Giochi continues to bet on Games, an increasingly growing category for the company. Lots of news for next Christmas that will accommodate all children, games for the whole family. Absolute novelty is Capture lestelle, the female alter ego of Eye to the Ghost – with the magic wand lebambine will have fun capturing the stars that will be projected on the walls. Ballon Bot Battle, challenge to the last balloon, wins the player who makes the opponent’s ballon burst; Camillo Crocodile, a game that stimulates movement; Badabum, challenge to the last sphere; Battista Waiter Equilibrista, for all colors that love to face obstacle courses in this case with a tray; GimmeFive, chiriuscirà in a few seconds to give five answers? Unfailed confirmation with: Phantom Eye, 5 seconds, Neither Neither no, True or False in the version also Junior, The Treasure of the Snake and Eye in Hand.

An important partnership has been signed with the National League for the Defense of the Dog for the launch of Puppies for Loving, adorable dogs abandoned in search of a family and a home that can feel them forever. Part of the sales of this product will in fact be donated by Grandi Giochi support of the LNDC initiatives throughout Italy.
Continue the bet in the Building Set category with K’Nex, the brand of constructions made in the USA, where with a simple click there is no limit to the ownfantasia.

For next Christmas, the line dedicated to the pre-school target with KidK’Nex is also available, with larger pieces and bright colors: colored eyes, rotatable, feet, curled tails and palettes. Also, the inevitable news for one of the driving licenses of the moment, PJMasks, with the beautiful set of modeling dough that will stimulate the creativity and the fantasy of the little ones and the bracelets of the superheroes most loved by the children, who, with a simple gesture, will hold on to their wrist and will be able to carry them. ‘Christmas Games of  Grandi Giochi  will be supported by strong marketing initiatives, which will always have as a priority the consumer going to activate all the leleve able to reach it and involve it. This will obviously include TVkids, digital and print, not forgetting special communication projects and focus on the in-store experience.

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