GERONIMO STILTON welcomes young Chinese fans coming from Beijing

18 Jul - 2018

Tags from the story: Italy-China Foundation.

The “VIAGGIO NEL TEMPO” event is organized by 21st Century Publishing House in collaboration with Atlantyca and under the patronage of the Fondazione Italia Cina

For China, Italy is a symbol of timeless beauty, a place rich in architecture, design, fashion, music and above all art.
For this reason, inspired by “Journey through Time”, one of the most beloved series signed by the famous Geronimo Stilton, the Chinese publisher 21st Century Publishing House, which in China has already sold 10 million copies of the editorial series of the beloved rodent, in collaboration with Atlantyca and with the patronage of the Italy-China Foundation, it has decided to propose to the many Chinese fans of the famous mouse writer a Journey through Time in Italy which will take place next July.
Moreover, which country more than Italy allows you to discover the beauties of medieval buildings, the most prophetic inventions of the Renaissance, the works of art of the most famous artists in the world? To travel in time by moving into space? The guys who will arrive from Beijing to Milan, then to visit Venice, Florence, Naples, Pompeii and Rome, will then return home with an extraordinary baggage of emotions, knowledge and experience gathered in our country. Just to learn from their darling how to organize all these emotions and news in a reportage from real journalists, during the Welcome Party on July 21st at the Grand Hotel Barone Di Sassj in Milan, the young fans will be given the “journalist kit” offered by Atlantyca: the young will be able to take their “travel notes” and, at the end of the wonderful experience, apply their report in Chinese, which will be published on the website of the famous 21st Century Publishing House publisher in China.
Explains Claudia Mazzucco, CEO of AtlantycaFor China, Italy is an inspirational country. I myself began to see our country with new eyes when I saw the admiration in the eyes of our Chinese partners, when we opened our office in Beijing. Precisely within this scenario, the 21st Century Publishing House initiative was born which, in collaboration with Atlantyca and with the precious patronage of the Italy China Foundation, organized the first Grand Tour in Italy for young Chinese fans of the Director of ‘Eco del Roditore between 7 and 12 years. To give children an unforgettable experience, Atlantyca has organized a nice surprise for them: a welcome to Malpensa airport, where Geronimo has been home for years thanks to the Family Lane project realized with SEA, which provides a dedicated lane that allows access security filters more quickly and a book with all the information you need to travel to the airport with your family. In addition, Atlantyca has organized a welcome party where Geronimo will entrust young travelers with a special mission: the rat report, thanks to which the boys will compete to pay the utmost attention to their tour to tell Geronimo and the world as true journalists!”.

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