Autumn – Winter 2018/19.

The Geox Baby, Kids & Junior Collection Autumn-Winter 2018/19 explores new frontiers of creativity and technology in a universe made of dynamism, comfort and quality. Always one step ahead in the search for specific and innovative foot comfort solutions, Geox applies its renowned patents also to shoes for the smallest kids; at the forefront there’s the Geox Breathing System that lets the foot transpire while keeping water out.

The features of breathability, thermoregulation and impermeability have made Geox a universal symbol of high technology applied to clothing and footwear. This season they appear in the kaleidoscopic colours of a new collection of shoes created in partnership with Pokémon, the Japanese famous for one of the most beloved children’s characters. The new Pokémon range by Geox is designed for adventures without limits: Pikachu, Charizard, Sylveon and a host of other Pokémon characters are featured on fourteen super coloured low sneaker models with an LED strip built into the sole, and a mid-cut shoe with contrasting sole. All fitted with the Geox Breathing System, these shoes will also let the imagination breathe freely. The Pokémon collection by Geox will be on sale from July in all Geox stores in Europe.

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