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Barbie by GUT and Sun City: a return to school full of dreams and colors!

9 Jul - 2018

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The range of Barbie products covers all the educational needs of girls who can thus be organized with style every day.

For Barbie lovers, the difficult task of returning to school after holidays becomes lighter with the new joyful, iconic and feminine collection created by GUT and with the Sun City aprons.

Barbie by GUT:

Barbie by GUT offers two lines of products: one for the retail market, characterized by bright colors and the presence of Barbie, declined in different kinds that represent the passions and aspirations of girls, such as rockstar, veterinary, chef, in fact with Barbie you can be anything you want!

The line sold in stationery instead presents the classic shades, such as pink, black, white, gold, and is available in many glamour variants, with polka dots, stripes and glitter effect: all for a line with a strong style, gritty and feminine at the same time.

Barbie by GUT for large retailers:

Maxi quality notebooks that ensure optimal durability available in four special variants, Barbie dancer, Barbie rockstar, Barbie chef and Barbie veterinary that will make the girls dream about future gold.

Archives resistant and excellent for organizing the material of little girls, available in three colorful versions always on the subject careers for different tastes.

Diaries in large version, are available undated with two different covers, dancer and rockstar, for girls and more decisive girls.

Backpacks are available in two versions: the extensible backpack and the trolley, in which you will always find an original Barbie doll for you. They are characterized by a particular transfer printing to musical transfer notes, with star-shaped pulls and silkscreen logo.

Oval case, the three zippers and the maxi bag have the same fabrics as the backpack, with Barbie smiling rockstar. The bright colors and details will not go unnoticed by the containers that the girls will show off with great pride.

Barbie by GUT for retail sale:

Maxi notebooks 100 gr have a high quality paper and are available in four versions, all with the beautiful smile of Barbie, glitter prints and polka dots, with glamorous colors such as pink, black and silver gray.

Folder three flaps essential for warnings and material, are available in two pink versions.

Diaries in large version, are available dated and not. The presence of special pages dedicated to coloring and activity, will give fun and stimulating breaks to the little Barbie lovers.

Backpacks are available in two versions, in which the little girls will always find an original Barbie doll: a highlight of the line is the new Trolley Carry able to be both a transportable backpack with easily re-sealable shoulder straps and a trolley with a handle, making every weight easy to bring. While the backpack is always comfortable and indestructible three zippers is revisited and embellished by the magnificent prints with heart-shaped graphics in transfer printing, from little drawers formed by a shining heart, logo in silkscreen with glitter details and Barbie’s enchanting face!

Packets and containers in polyester 600 like backpacks, have heart-shaped graffiti effect fabrics in transfer printing, heart-shaped pullers, soft logo in silk-screen printing and glitter details.

Case with three zippers decorated like sachets with graffiti effect hearts and pink tones. It is great for ordering all the material of little girls in a precise way.

But it’s not over! With each backpack there will be a new surprise: a real Barbie doll to carry wherever you want … as long as you do not distract from school lessons!

Barbie by Sun City:

Putting the apron at school is more fun with Barbie! With the unique style of Barbie by SunCity aprons, you will discover that everything is possible. With the Sun City aprons, the girls will be fully dressed for school days. A touch of style, the embroidery dedicated to Barbie! The fabric is perfect because it is durable and easy to wash, with a satin effect. The sizes available cover the entire scholastic period. To be adapted to each institution, the aprons are available in optical white, blue touareg and black.

Barbie by Sun City aprons are waiting for all the little Barbie fashionistas at the big retailers and the best shops!

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