The 2019 edition of Smemoranda diary is dedicated to the universal word “CIAO!”

Four letters that make up a universal, simple, unequivocal greeting. The debut between two people, shy or arrogant, that perhaps will turn into something more.

CIAO! is an all-Italian brand, like pizza, writes Italian singer Luciano Ligabue; it is the most imitated greeting and taken abroad, the nicest, the coolest. What makes us Italians always feel a bit at home even when we are around the world. The formula to break the ice in front of the public, perhaps combined with the name of a city, to greet everyone from the stage. “CIAO” is among us every day, several times a day, especially at school, where the Smemoranda diary is around. It is the minimum word exchanged between boys in classrooms and corridors, and in these two syllables often lie miles and miles of thoughts, expectations, dreams and stories. So the directors of the diary designed by Nico Colonna and Gino & Michele, asked famous Italian performers, writers and actors, the new ones and those of all time, to tell them, these stories.

In addition to the classic version in 6 colors and 3 formats for 10 cover variants, there are the Smemo Special Edition diaries: 3 special covers available in double format. The postcard cover in the two colors black and pink, which allows to customize the cover of a diary every day depending on the mood; then the gold and platinum covers inspired by the bling-bling style of rappers, available in two versions.

Also for 2019 Smemoranda is a Zero Emissions and 100% produced in Italy. The 160 000 trees, planted and managed together with Eco Way to offset CO2 emissions, are now great. Smemo continues to treat and grow its woods in the Oltrepò Pavese, in the North of Italy.

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