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A return to the roaring SCHOOL with Hot Wheels by MC Group!

28 Jun - 2018

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In September, accept the challenge and face the return to school with Hot Wheels!

From this year the beginning of the school will be exciting with the Hot Wheels back to school line by MC Group, which will bring all the lovers of the famous toy cars back to the desks with a flamboyant, gritty and colorful style, able to wake up even the most lazy!

Hot Wheels by MC Group school products cover all school needs of children, to make them model students and respecting their passions:

The Sakky Bag is perfect for accompanying children to school during the days with physical education or on days with little material to transport. Practical and easy, it has a bold color design typical of Hot Wheels.

The backpack and the stretchable trolley, pocket and shoulder straps are capacious at the right point and comfortable to carry, both on the floor and on the stairs. Thanks to the front pocket and the patella the backpack allows you to collect the material without the risk of losing anything.

The kindergarten backpack, with rigid plate has a modern style, fresh and colorful. On the rigid front you will find a little car drawn in relief that seems to dart out of the backpack, with a truly spectacular effect.

The backpack and the two-pocket trolley have a unique and special design: the print on the front features the Hot Wheels machines, ready to kick off a breathtaking race; while on the back the flaming Hot Wheels logo for a unique style print.

The hard case is perfect for transporting fragile objects and its shape is not bulky and easy to place in the backpack.

The round case with a zipper is perfect for collecting pens and pencils, thanks to its attractive design, with dynamic and fun graphics.

The envelope with a zipper, it is convenient to insert in the backpack for its flat format, and is suitable for transporting both notices and stationery material. The upper part is in fabric, while under the hinge the case is made of shiny and rigid rubber.

The case with three hinges, ideal for picking up all the material in an orderly and precise manner, presents the façade with two Hot Wheels in the middle of a challenge, perfect to stimulate all the small and spirited riders.

The case has two hinges has always been a must for school life, that of Hot Wheels combines the colors loved by children, such as blue and red, the logo and the machines of the brand for a unique style first among the desks.

The Hot Wheels Diary will entertain the children with the pages designed allowing them to organize their time. The soft-touch diary cover has a super gritty graphic and perfectly coordinated with the entire line.

The Archivia Hot Wheels is perfect tidy up all the school equipment, as fast as the Hot Wheels cars drawn on the front!

Finally, to allow all the creative little creatives of Hot Wheels vehicles to design the cars from which they are most inspired, a pack of colored crayons, will fulfill their desire and bring them on track with the imagination!

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