The first trailer of the next Transformers movie has been announced

11 Jun - 2018

Tags from the story: Transformers, Transformers Cyberverse.

In cinemas on December 21st 2018.

This is really the time for BEE-mild in Transformers! The brand, in fact, is in continuous growth, placing itself for over a decade as Top Brand in the Action Figure category and having proved to be an evergreen and multigenerational brand.

For the first time, the Transformers movie arrives in the Theatres at Christmas with: a completely new cast and as protagonists, Hailee Steinfeld and John Cena, nostalgic references of the ‘80s and a light and more ironic tone and with a story for the whole family.

Watch the first official trailer at this link:

Moreover, starting from October 2018 the new animated series Transformers Cyberverse will be launched in Italy on K2 Channel.

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