Quercetti toys arrive in Eataly’s Hamburgheria

11 Jun - 2018

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The historic Italian toy factory and the famous chain of restaurants, symbols of quality and attention to raw materials, join forces to cheer up the meals of the youngest.

Put together the best world-wide sandwich made of the best product with natural stone ground flours, accompanied by raw materials of the highest quality, the philosophy of Eataly and the educational toys most loved by children. And here is the recipe for the new Children Menu of Hamburgheria by Eataly.

Quercetti, a historic Made in Italy toy factory, famous all over the world for its nails, magnetic letters, colorful gears to put in motion, its toy missiles and many other games, offers its fun to the youngest customers of Eataly’s Hamburgers scattered around Italy.

From Turin to Lucca, from Verona to Parma, each Children Menu will include a free Quercetti Toy. A series of construction games with which to recreate jungle animals, all to be built and collected. Colored cardboard templates to be assembled with plastic screws, nuts and washers. It will be up to the child’s ability to reconstruct the elephant and the lion, invent stories with the zebra, or have fun creating funny mixes by exchanging bodies, heads, tails and legs. With its toys, the primary objective of the historic toy factory is to support children in the development of their manual skills, satisfying their need to touch, interlock and overlap objects in order to know and recognize them, allowing them to accumulate experiences and memories.

The first historic headquarters of Hamburgheria by Eataly, located in the central Piazza Solferino in Turin, already houses a children’s play area sponsored by Quercetti. On the wall stands a spectacular picture made with 60,000 Pixel Art nails, a new line of composition games with tacks with which to reproduce photos, portraits, paintings or, as in this case, gigantic Hamburgher!

After the raw materials, from the zero-kilometer flours, to the selected and selected vegetables, to the Carnedei Slow Food Presidia of La Granda, also the toys that the Hamburgheria by Eataly will give will be a typical “ingredient” of the territory. Quercetti, also born in Turin, the city where still today its cheerful games with an educational character come to life, has made of its being Made in Italy a strong point. This historic factory is today one of the few realities in Italy to be able to boast a 100% national production. All Quercetti toys are conceived, designed and manufactured in the company’s headquarter.

Flavors and knowledge exclusively Made in Piedmont.

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