All The Kids Entertainment and 360 Powwow exclusive development deal

11 Apr - 2018

Anders Media and Powwow will shop and produce All The Kids formats internationally.

International content development and distribution company All The Kids Entertainment, and Production Companies Anders Media Inc and 360 Powwow announce an exclusive original format development deal.

Madrid-based All The Kids Entertainment, founded by Joana Carrion which launched in 2016, California based Anders Media and Florida-based Powwow have struck a partnership to produce the original formats of All The Kids for the global marketplace. The partnership starts off with All The Kids first two live-action original series ‘Cayo Pico Eco Resort’ and ‘Space Kids’ which Powwow’s Daniel Gutman will shop and produce with production partner Adam Anders. Anders Media and Powwow are currently co-producing the Nickelodeon Latin smash hit “Kally’s Mashup” and have been developing and shopping several projects together. Anders Media and Powwow will be presenting in an exclusive way All The Kids ideas for international development and production.

All The Kids CEO, Joana Carrion comments, “The way in which we focus our projects for the kids, tween and teen targets, incorporating important values such as ecology and the motivation for knowledge, has had a fantastic and very positive reception and approval in the market, and we are delighted that prestigious companies such as Powwow and Anders Media have chosen to partner with All The Kids.”

Daniel Gutman, CEO of Powwow adds “We are thrilled to present such powerful and rich formats in the international markets; All The Kids ideas have the unique ability of interconnecting with today’s kids in their own language, raising the bar in terms of values and combining fun with emotion in a truly original way”.

Cayo Pico Eco Resort (52×45’) is a kids live action adventure series that evolves around the summer holidays of a group of teenagers who holiday at an Eco Resort in a natural environment and live out exciting adventures intertwined with friendship, love and music while investigating the mysterious disappearance of the father of one of them, linked to a real state project that is devastating the natural habitat of the island. Together they discover the importance of preserving nature and caring for the endangered environment, while also creating a friendship that will change their lives forever.

Space Kids (26×30’) is a science and adventure space series that follows the adventures of a group of exceptionally gifted youngsters who get trapped in a rocket destined for the International Space Station which blasts off with them still on board. A technical failure takes it off course and while the experts back on earth try to bring them home, the group of kids learn to adapt to life in space. With the help of the on-board computer which pilots the ship, and another computer that forgets everything it’s supposed to do, the kids embark on multiple adventures based around mathematics and science and meet a friendly alien who has been observing life on Earth for many years.

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