Nickelodeon is back at Cartoons On The Bay

9 Apr - 2018

Tags from the story: Cartoons on the Bay, Nickelodeon.

Theme of this edition: music as a life experience.

“A moment that lasts a lifetime: music as an experience” will be the story of Nickelodeon at the 2018 edition of Cartoons on the Bay. The story will be entrusted to Cecilia Padula, Senior Director in charge of Nickelodeon Network in Italy, and Morena D’Incoronato, VP Research & Portfolio Strategy, Viacom Italia.

Music has always played a fundamental role in the lives of children and young people. Music is a window on the world, helps to reduce stress, allows to talk one each other. Music helps to express feelings and it is, especially for teenagers, a true passion that fills their lives.

The role and value of music is part of a fundamental and, in part, new phase of the expectations of children and teenagers who are asking to live more and more experiences: the experience economy is, in fact, increasingly a “children’s affair”. Kids are changing the concept of value and real-life experiences are gaining an increasingly important role in defining their identity and shaping their future.

In fact, children are increasingly looking for real experiences that are able to create memories, sensations and images that will remain indelible in their memory and that will help them to define their personality as young adults. They want to experience social, collective experiences, they want to share their passions, they want to touch their idols with their own hands. And music plays a fundamental role.

Nickelodeon has always celebrated the unique bond of kids with music by offering unforgettable experiences built around their needs and desires, from the international editions of the Kids’ Choice Awards, the only live event in the world that focuses on kids, their tastes , their favorites, at local editions of the Slime Fest, which Nickelodeon Italy also confirms for 2018 with novelties and surprises.

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