Sunrights Inc.’s “Beyblade Burst Evolution” premieres in Hebrew on Nick Israel march 22

13 Mar - 2018

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BEYBLADE BURST EVOLUTION (51 x 22’), the second season continuation of BEYBLADE BURST, will premiere on Nickelodeon Israel on March 22.

SUNRIGHTS INC., the New York City-based entertainment rights management company behind the global BEYBLADE BURST phenomena, has announced the premiere of its latest installment, BEYBLADE BURST EVOLUTION, in Hebrew on Nickelodeon Israel, the leading children’s entertainment channel in Israel.

Nick Israel translates the BEYBLADE BURST EVOLUTION series into Hebrew, which aids in developing the fan base and passionate following for the brand among its young viewers,” said Kaz Soeda, Managing Director of SUNRIGHTS INC. “This franchise is a global phenomenon thanks to the commitment and passion of children’s programmers like Nick Israel, and we are grateful for their collaboration in bringing the engaging content featuring the Beyblade characters and adventures to Bladers everywhere.”

BEYBLADE BURST EVOLUTION continues the exciting adventures of main character Valt Aoi and his group of passionate Bladers. Valt, runner-up at the Japanese National Tournament, travels to Spain after being scouted by the prestigious Spanish club, BC Sol. With the world as their stage, Valt and friends face daily challenges in their fight to make it to the World League. But before they can earn the right to a spot, they must first prove themselves in the European League. Will Valt be able to lead BC Sol to ultimate victory? And once there, does he stand a chance of beating the best Bladers on the planet? So begins the story of Valt’s evolution as he battles his way to the pinnacle of the Blading world.

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