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Kinder and Focus Junior together for a new Kinder Surprise Easter Egg

12 Mar - 2018

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Focus Junior, the brand of Gruppo Mondadori that is dedicated to children between the ages of 8 and 12, has signed a licensing agreement with Kinder for the new Kinder Easter Egg.

The Easter Egg that has been making children happy since 1989 with its chocolate and surprise toy, this year will bring children the Focus Junior collaboration and will offer four surprises that are adapted to children who love animals: plush felines in the shape of a lion cub, a tiger, a jaguar and a panther. Focus Junior has also created content that is available through the Magic Kinder App: games, a quiz and information about the animal kingdom, to let kids have fun and spark their curiosity, in line with the brand philosophy.

With this initiative the development strategy of Focus Junior goes ahead with strong licensing projects, which allow the brand to put forth the variety of content, which they offer, generating a dynamic system that is appreciated by the public. Focus Junior is a paper, digital and augmented reality (by way of an app) magazine, which can also be found at focusjunior.it , on social networks and through the spin-off, XGioko. From the brand, the new educational format was also born, entitled “Play Lab”.

The large Kinder & Focus Junior eggs are available in Italy at all mainstream retailers and specialist stores.

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