Sweet spot for success at Smiley

Smiley Foods program continues to enjoy big wins at retail as the brand utilises its insight driven packaging strategy, which leverages the global craze for Smiley icons.

At ISM, the world’s largest trade fair for the sweets and snacks industry, Smiley announced important news from several of its leading partners in the food category.

Italian chocolatier Witor’s announced the renewal of their Easter Eggs license for the 3rd time and debuted 3 new designs at the show, which all contain their quality chocolate eggs and a Smiley surprise.

Another leading Italian chocolatier and Smiley partner, Luigi Zaini, announced that they have now sold over 1 million Smiley Surprise Eggs, and added additional products to their range including a Christmas Range, an Epiphany range and new Smiley lentils with surprises. These products will sit alongside existing Smiley products including Gellee candies and Smiley mugs that contain chocolate eggs. In light of the great response to their Smiley range, Zaini also announced renewal of their contract, with added new territories.

Smiley Candy partner Trendy Foods have launched a range over almost 20 candy SKUs to retail, and have also launched a Smiley Candy shop in shop concept at Carrefour in Belgium.

French partner Lutti continues to enjoy great success at retail as they utilise Smiley’s unique patented 3D shaped design to create Smiley face sour gummies that feature a range of different 5 emotions. This success has seen Lutti launch into some of Europe’s leading retailers in both individual packs and via bulk sales and these products feature heavily in the recently launched Smiley Candy Shop pop-up at Carrefour. Lutti have also launched a Tubble Gum (tube bubble gum) and the brand new Smiley Roll Up bubble gum tape which they debuted at ISM. This range features a collectible element, with a range of different Smiley face packaging to collect and 1 special edition gold Smiley pack.

Other licensees exhibiting at ISM, the world largest confectionary show, include Hellema and Biscuiterie L’Abbaye with Smiley biscuits, and Guenthart with cake decorations.

Smiley Food Category VP Lori Heiss spoke about the success of the licensed program, “With the instant appeal of our Smiley icons on packaging and in 3D food applications, our Smiley Food range has made a real impact at retail across many aisles of the store. But our sweets and treats range has done particularly well, with the help of our world-class partners creating delicious and eye-catching products that people love.”

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