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Just launched the 3D figurines of “BatPat”

25 Jan - 2018

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Thanks to the agreement with Tema Promotion, BatPat 3D figurines make their debut on newsstands.

The collection is made of 10 figures dedicated to the animated series with all the funniest BatPat disguises and a colorful album

Thanks to the agreement between the Licensing division of Altantyca Entertainment and the Italian company of collectible products and promotional items, Tema Promotion, has been released the collection of 3D figurines dedicated to Bat Pat.

The collection will consist of 10 figures sold at newsstands in the Flow Pack through dedicated displays. In each pack kids can find a figurine dedicated to the very funny bat with many different “disguises”: mummy confectionery version, sports referee, greedy feast, Halloween pumpkin, punk with a lot of crest on the head, but also in gipsy, rock, country, rasta clothes and beach waiting for the summer. In addition, afterwards, an album of stickers attaches / detaches to invent their favorite stories. Tema Promotion is supporting the launch since January 2018 with an intense TV and social advertising campaign.

As Marco Piccinini, Atlantyca’s Licensing Manager says: “Fun and unpredictability are two of the key ingredients of BatPat. This is why the collaboration with Tema Promotion and the release of the 3D figurines and the stick & stack album make us particularly proud. It offers to all BatPat fans the possibility to create their own stories and always bring a beloved character with them, keeping to follow the adventures of the cute bat on TV and through the books published by PIEMME Edizioni“.

BatPat TV series is produced by Atlantyca Entertainment with Spanish based Imira, with the participation of Rai and RTVE. The series has been sold in Italy, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Lithuania, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Latin America, Japan, United Kingdom, Hungary and the Middle East.

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