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Caroline Mickler Ltd announces Moomin collection from TruffleShuffle

16 Jan - 2018

Exclusive online apparel and gifts collection available from early 2018.

Caroline Mickler Ltd — which manages the UK licensing programme for Moomin — has announced that online fashion company TruffleShuffle is to sell an extensive line of Moomin apparel and gifts on its website from early 2018. The range will be available exclusively on truffleshuffle.co.uk. All the products on the site have been specially designed by TruffleShuffle.

The product range will be very varied. Alongside adult apparel – including t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, baseball caps and ladies’ dresses – there will be an exciting gifting selection that includes tote bags, wash bags and pin badges. All will use designs based on the delightful images of the Moomins and their family and friends that have become familiar to millions of people worldwide since the very first Moomin storybook appeared more than 50 years ago.

The target market for the Moomin range is a wide one. The site is dedicated to celebrating all things retro, and many nostalgic adults will enjoy a trip down memory lane with the inhabitants of Moominvalley. At the same time there will be a strong market from the growing number of children and adults who have become Moomin fans in recent years, through the expanded publishing programme or the successful UK launches of new licensed output for both the pre-school and adult markets.

The UK licensing programme, managed by Caroline Mickler Ltd, has developed Moomin as a modern adult fashion and gifting brand as well as an appealing pre-school brand for today’s children. This enormous cross-generational and cross-category success has meant that both adult and pre-school markets have become very successful licensing areas for Moomin in recent years.

The brand’s established licensed output includes personalised stationery, a mindfulness colouring book, homeware, greeting cards, coasters, enamel mugs, bags, fashion accessories, nightwear, t-shirts and cashmere jumpers. All these products – with more to come throughout 2018 – are part of the continuing success of a UK Moomin licensing campaign targeting a wide variety of price points and retail outlets. More recently apparel, publishing, plush and luxury leather clutch bags and purses have become part of the enormous licensing reach of the brand.

This success will be further underpinned by the arrival in 2019 of a major new animated TV series, directed by Academy Award-winner Steve Box. And, of course, there is the continuing appeal of the original novels — recently republished in hardback by Sort of Books — picture story books and collected syndicated comic strips from the 1950s, 60s and 70s, not to mention regular media coverage and two London-based Moomin stores, the latest of which opened in Camden Market in December.

Pat Wood, MD, TruffleShuffle, says: “Moomin combines fun and nostalgia with a completely up-to-date originality in a way few other brands can manage. We’re delighted to be working with a brand that has such strength across so many age groups and look forward to a very positive response to this apparel and gifts line.

Caroline Mickler says: “The enormous popularity of Moomin and the association of the brand with positive notions like fun, kindness and friendship mean that Moomin is special to many people of all age groups. I am certain that this delightful and charming selection of apparel and gifts from a well-known and respected name in online retail will have a very wide appeal.

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