Brain Power Studio launches brand new family series

New series will launch in 2018.

Global media company Brain Power Studio is launching its brand new family series The Ponysitters Club.

Based on the book by Victoria Carson, The Ponysitters Club (20 x 22’) is being produced in association with Discovery Kids Latin America, supported by the Shaw Rocket Fund in Canada. The series is written by David Finley, executive produced by Brain Power Studio’s Beth Stevenson and Nancy Yeaman. Directed by Justin G. Dyck, Marco Deufemia and Emma Jean Sutherland. The series is currently in production and has begun delivery.

Skye (12 years old) loves everything about living at Rescue Ranch, especially hanging out at the horse stable that houses rescue horses and ponies. She thinks she is ready to help with more care for the animals. Her mother Billy, who runs the ranch, is reluctant to give her more responsibilities as Skye struggles with her reading and homework. Her friends Olivia, Trish and Ethan come up with a plan to share the horse care and support Skye. The Ponysitters Club is formed. Together they practice compassion and nurturing for these animals that have had an unfortunate past. The series follows Skye and her friends through their modern kid lives and how they intersect with life on the ranch. All for horses and horses for all!

Beth Stevenson, President and Founder of Brain Power Studio said: “We are pleased to be producing and distributing a children’s live action drama that shows such great empathy and inclusion.  As our Ponysitters care for the rescue animals, they learn to care for themselves and their friends.  Discovery Latin America and Shaw Rocket Fund have been big supporters of the creative balance between entertainment and emotion for this age range. For that we are thankful.

The Ponysitters Club is an inspiring, heartfelt concept that will demonstrate to kids the benefits of compassion, friendship, and hard work. With Canadian values at its core and the ability to reach kids globally, we are proud to support the team at Brain Power Studio on this great series,” added Agnes Augustin, President & CEO of the Shaw Rocket Fund.

Brain Power Studio Rights has global rights to the series.