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Licensing Link Europe appointed to manage UK licensing for Chic & Love

8 Jan - 2018

Global strategy in play for fashion and accessories brand to deliver affordable luxury.

Brand extension and strategy agency Licensing Link Europe has been appointed to manage UK licensing on behalf of brand licensor Consumer Product Connection of Spain for the amazing new fashion and accessories brand Chic & Love.

Focusing on affordable luxury, the Chic & Love brand combines street style with an avant-garde look: glamorous and slightly off-the-wall, but functional and practical; sexy and attractive whilst modern and comfortable. And that’s not all. Thanks to an alliance with one of the world’s most famous luxury brands Chic & Love will incorporate Swarovski® crystals into many of its collections, a differentiating element for Chic & Love products that will underline the affordable luxury message inherent in the brand and its style.

Licensing is core to the brand. In addition to the sale of Chic & Love products in the brand’s online store, it is licensed to many trusted manufacturers and distributors worldwide. It now has a presence in more than 12 countries including the UK.

Chic & Love launched in Spain in June 2017 with a presence in some of Europe’s biggest retail names, including El Corte Ingles, Carlin and FNAC. The first product launch has been a pan-European deal with Miquel Rius, a pioneer in the manufacture of functional and designer stationery for both students and professionals. The Miquel Rius range includes notebooks, wallets, backpacks, toiletry bags, pencil cases and mugs. 

However, this stylish and original brand lends itself to many other categories. Already under consideration or in development are licence agreements in such categories as health and beauty, greeting cards, smartphone covers, mugs, scented candles, watches, jewellery, apparel, lingerie, footwear, umbrellas, tech accessories, decorations, bed linen, handbags and suitcases – all leveraging the Chic & Love brand values of affordable luxury that is both casual and bang on trend. The link with Swarovski® will be a strong feature in almost all licensed output.

Online sales will be a strong retail channel for the brand, reflecting the lifestyle and interests of its main target audience of teen and young adult women through relevant, lifestyle-related content. The brand already has a strong media presence though Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and its own site.

Julien Barbier, MD, Consumer Product Connection, Master Agent for the brand, says: “Licensing Link Europe has already clearly demonstrated its deep understanding of the UK market and insight into licensing strategy across diverse brands. Its professionalism, expertise and reach make it the right agency for this highly original and appealing brand in this very important market.

Chris Taday, Director of Licensing Link Europe, adds: “The combination of luxury and affordability with the unbeatable differentiating feature of a strong connection with Swarovski makes this a brand that stands out in a competitive youth market. We’re both delighted and thrilled that Consumer Product Connection has asked us to introduce Chic & Love to the UK, where I am sure this brand will be enormously successful.

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