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Enjoy with Barbie® Experiment Kit

29 Nov - 2017

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The latest novelty by Giochi Uniti.

White shirts, protective goggles and love for science: thanks to Giochi Uniti finally it arrives in Italy Barbie® Experiment Kit.

Small and small grass scientists are awaiting: the special Science Kit with Barbie® is finally on the way, so anyone can create Dreamhouse® clothes and models by learning about science. And what’s more beautiful than learning with fun?

The fully featured and illustrated instruction manual presents a story that guides our heroine through seven different construction projects and various experiments. A real driving experience with experimental stories.

Starting from a base of over 100 pieces that can be assembled, one can build a rotating hanger, a washing machine, a swivel shoe, a greenhouse, a fashion platform, a hammock and a jewelery jigsaw. On the other hand, fashion lovers can create chromatic dresses, dressed in optical illusions and floral fantasies. Between test tubes, capsules and a pinch of style, along with Barbie’s help, you will learn the first notions of biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, art and design. At the end of the games, science will save the evening!

It will be Giochi Uniti, thanks to the agreement with the Kosmos multinational corporation to distribute in Italy Barbie® Experiment Kit, belonging to a line of scientific Barbie® products related to STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). In fact, Giochi Uniti, a well-established company in the board games industry, recognizes the educational value of the game. Particular attention is given to the scientific line, which Giochi Uniti considers to be a fundamental resource to allow the youngest to pass on the world of knowledge without losing sight of the playful component that can’t and shouldn’t be missed on their days.

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