LOVE, DIVINA gets Musical with Universal’s MCA

LOVE, DIVINA Moves into new Platforms with Universal Music France.

Federation Kids & Family is pleased to announce a major deal with industry giant, Universal Music France for its premium teen series LOVE, DIVINA (60 x 45 min), an international co-production with Televisa and Pol-ka Producciones starring the hugely successful TV and pop star, Laura Esquivel.

Universal Music will market LOVE, DIVINA under its MCA label – THE market specialist in teen and telenovela audiences. Other brands Universal Music have represented to multi-platinum, record-breaking success include VIOLETTA, SOY LUNA and the latest phenomena in the genre, CHICA VAMPIRO.

The agreement sees LOVE, DIVINA represented across all key platforms in France with the leading players in each industry:  broadcasting rights are held by top channel France Télévisions; global player CPLG represent the licensing rights; and now Universal Music’s MCA label is on board to develop the crucial, central element of music in the series.

Romain Delnaud, Managing Director, MCA France commented, “We are really looking forward to work with Federation, France Télévisions and CPLG, such dynamic partners that are 100% behind LOVE, DIVINA, and totally committed to making this brand a success. This exciting synergy – together with the popular, record-selling star of the show Laura Esquivel, we are sure to create another pop teen phenomena in France, and the rest of Europe.