I Tormentini, the best children’s friends

A new project to be developed in a television series and beyond.

I Tormentini are round-shaped aliens who live in Tormilandia, a far city on a far-reaching planet. Their name (the English meaning is “those who torment”) comes from the fact that they are continuous disturbers. According to the creator of the project, the graphic designer and creative Giuseppe Joe Cafaro, I Tormentini are somehow like kids. The protagonists are the Squicchi family, consisting of father, mother and children.

The aim of the project is first of all the production of a television series, with an educational basis, aimed at a preschool target.

At present, the creators of this property are looking for an investor to develop the various phases of the project.

For more information:

Contact Mail: joekage2017@gmail.com

Web site: http://tormentini.weebly.com/

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