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Madballs Arcade App Awards Real Prizes to Fans Mad About Madballs

14 Nov - 2017

American Greetings Entertainment & Think University collaborate to create Madballs Arcade.

American Greetings Entertainment, the intellectual property and outbound licensing division of American Greetings, in collaboration with Think University, introduces Madballs™ Arcade, a new gaming app featuring Madballs characters in a variety of arcade-like games such as ‘Toilet Blaster,’ ‘Slip n’ Slime’ and ‘Dust Brain Bounce.’ Madballs Arcade introduces a unique gaming model integrating real prizes for players.

In Madballs Arcade, kids have the opportunity to win Madballs blind bags, wall graphics, stickers, magnets and lenticular postcards by playing the game. Prizes and shipping are free of charge, and many of the prizes are limited quantity items only available via the app, encouraging collectors to play in order to obtain the rare items.

Madballs Arcade has been an exciting project and the real rewards kids receive for playing is a new and unique model in the gaming industry,” said Sheila Mitham, CEO, ThinkU. “Real Madballs products are awarded as prizes which is a boost for the brand and an incentive to keep kids playing.  We don’t know of any other kids’ game that ships real prizes for free.

Madballs is a heritage brand with a lot of life oozing from the characters and their personalities,” said Megan Buettner, Head of Creative and Digital for American Greetings Entertainment. “We’re thrilled to bring gross back and straight to the door of those who will appreciate them the most – the kids.

Madballs Arcade is free to play and is built around the crazy, funny, goofy and gross world of Madballs. Real prizes, awarded and shipped for free, are fulfilled every day.  With three ways to win and early promotional prizes to be given away just for completing onboarding, children have multiple opportunities to win.

Madballs Arcade complies with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and is available for iOS and Android.

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