Denis Doré presented “Cracké” at Cannes during MIPJunior

24 Oct - 2017

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Denis Doré, President and Co-Founder of Squeeze, presented the animated series Cracké before an audience of international producers and distributers assembled to discover the best Canadian-produced short series during the Canada Big on Shorts panel organized by Telefilm Canada and the Canada Media Fund.

The prestigious event was an integral part of MIPJR, the largest international market for content for families and youth. The presentation, was an exceptional showcase for Canadian talent. “This is our first original creation under the Squeeze name and I couldn’t dream of a better scenario. Having the privilege of appearing before the most important distributers and producers at Cannes is an accolade for our whole team. It’s a little like making the Olympics of animation.” said Denis Doré.

Besides Cracké, the panel showcased three other series created in different parts of Canada, each of which has distinctive traits that should appeal to a wide audience. For Denis Doré, standing out is key.“At Squeeze, we want our creations to leave the beaten path and to surprise our audiences! This not only provides us with stimulation and a stronger identity but also contributes to diversity. And diversity is precious because it is what makes the world interesting.

Created and produced by Squeeze in Québec City, Canada, Cracké is a 3D animated comedy series starring Ed, an anxious ostrich dad, and his beloved brood. With the good intention to protect his eight eggs, Ed will cause trouble and threats, never missing an opportunity to make things worse for himself. A second season, featuring new colourful characters and delirious stories, is under development.

Cracké was produced in Canada in collaboration with Teletoon, the Canada Media Fund, the Quebec Refundable Tax Credit for Film and Television Production (managed by SODEC), the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit (CPTC) – CAVCO, the Bell Fund, and the National Bank. Cracké’s growth and commercialization plan is made possible with the financial support of Québec City’s economic development strategy.

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