Planeta Junior presented new properties at MIPCOM

23 Oct - 2017

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Planeta Junior showcased Power Players, Gormiti, Magiki and others at MIPCOM.

Planeta Junior, leading European children’s and youth entertainment company, had been actively involved in The World’s Entertainment Content Market MIPCOM, that took place from 16 ‐ 19 October.

Planeta Junior presented the thrilling ZAG HEROES’ property POWER PLAYERS ‐ an innovative hybrid animated series about a new team of secret heroes formed by a little boy and his toys; and PIXIE GIRL ‐ an adventurous, fun‐packed animated series about a super‐heroine with supernatural powers of Mother Nature who fights the tyrannical rule of evil witches in New York.

The company also presented the new series based on global phenomenon GORMITI, the new season of MAYA THE BEE; the funny and stinky mutants of the comedy animation tv series based on Famosa’s action toys MUTANT BUSTERS; and the adventures of Billie and her loyal court in MAGIKI. All of these properties embody the latest content and format trends, universal values and the imagination and fantasy that children love.

POWER PLAYERS is a brand new series about a new team of secret heroes and they’re the least likely of champions – toys! Brought to life by a hopeful child, this little problem solvers bring all the fun of Mission Impossible as they follow the mission plans of their creator. Now, a little boy and his toys can change the world – and for his friends.

PIXIE GIRL presents a spunky, adventurous Pixie and her awestruck human friend explore New York City while battling the tyrannical rule of the city’s evil wytches, who scheme to forever cast away the city’s ties to pixies and the purity of nature. Using magical pixie powers, Pixie Girl must race a ticking clock, to thwart the wytches’ evil plots and return to the safety of Central Park before her glow is gone forever. Will special powers, pure intent and a human partnership be enough to revive the city’s lost ties to nature? We’re betting on it!

GORMITI is a new animated series co‐produced by Giochi Preziosi, Planeta Junior and Kotoc. When four boys from the elemental realms of Gorm go looking for a lost Tower, they embark on the most epic, fun adventure of their lives: the return of the Gormiti! The series had been premiered at a special MIPJUNIOR event.

The brand new season of MAYA THE BEE features 52 new adventures starring Maya, her best friends Willy and Flip and the crazy peacekeeping ant patrol with their star duo Arnie and Barney. A new guest, Theo, a young bee with a prosthetic wing, now also joins Maya’s adventures. Living outside the hive, Maya is the connection between the organized world of the hive and the free‐spirited bugs of the meadow. Her adventures centre on experiencing life’s emotions, discovering nature and being friends. Season one and two combine to make 130 episodes, creating a huge variety of content.

MUTANT BUSTERS is the animation series produced by Planeta Junior, Famosa and Kotoc in collaboration with Neox Kidz and based on the original toys of the same name. After the disaster known as the Great Fart, Earth turned into a giant bum invaded by mutants. One of the few surviving humans is a sharpie called Sheriff. He’s ended up leading La Résistance, a guerilla group fighting the monsters. La Résistance scour earth, sea, air and ice to find the vegetables that will allow them to create an antidote to return the mutants back to their original human form. But Wart, the eccentric leader of these strange creatures, and his crazy henchmen will do anything to stop the rebels.

MAGIKI is a new animated adventure for upper preschool based on the DeAgostini flowpacks that have sold over 17 million products in Europe. Produced by Zodiak Kids Studio France, Planeta Junior and De Agostini Editore, the series follows the adventures of the curious and caring Billie. Tired of her sisters’ problems and with her best friend Truman beside her, Billie uses her magic key to open her toy box and dive into the enchanted land of Magiki. In Magiki, Billie is transformed into a modern princess and her toys become her royal court and best friends. Princess Billie and her loyal court face funny challenges in Magiki that give Billie insight into getting along with her sisters.

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