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Eu.promotions signed an exclusive EMEA and CSI deal for the loyalty of the brand Nickelodeon

19 Oct - 2017

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Three years exclusive partnership through EMEA and Russia regions in the loyalty world with the star of the TV cartoons colossus for children Nickelodeon.

Eu.promotions, international group specialized in promotions and loyalty programs, announced that it has signed a three-year agreement of partnership with the television colossus Nickelodeon that guarantees exclusivity for EMEA and the Confederation of Independent States (CIS) usage in loyalty operations of the most beloved characters from children such as Spongebob, PawPatrol and Ninja Turtles. 

For Eu.promotions, founded in 2006 in Milan and present today with 4 legal offices in England, Holland, Hungary and Baltic countries in addition to 4 representation offices in Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria, the exclusive agreement with the thematic broadcaster, leader in cartoons and in TV series for children, adolescents and families, represents a further competitive advantage for its customers.

Collaborations and partnerships with this major brand and licensor of consumer market, in fact, will be used to develop the tactical operations of short period (from 8 to 12 weeks) that the Group offers customers to generate greater engagement in consumers.

To devise programs for Retail Marketing to enhance sales and increase the market share of our customers is our job” explains Pierfranco Belfiori, Managing Director Eu.promotions S.r.l. “When they are well-structured, give a boost to sales and intensify the purchasing frequency on the points of sale. To do this

 in partnership with the brand of great impact as the properties by Nickelodeon, means generating a strong involvement of families and amplify the shopping experience at the point of sale.

Market research, analysis of data from the performance of the programs and the long experience in managing operations tactics of short period qualify Eu.promotions to mechanical structure that work, by devising projects of engagement and innovative communication that influence the purchasing behavior of consumers which diversify purchases on more signs, thus increasing the number of the best customer and new customers.

We are excited to expand our partnership with Eu.promotions in EMEA and CSI, further deepening the retail experience for customers, involving and rewarding the enthusiasts of Nickelodeon and MTV beyond the screen“, said Dan Frugtniet, Vice President of Licensing and Business Development, NVCP. “We are trying to always create new opportunities for our partners, who ultimately benefit to the consumer and there is really nothing better than to be rewarded for shopping!

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